Our Coronavirus Policy

The following procedures have been put in place to help protect customers and staff. Please read them carefully and follow the guidance.

  • Only sit at a clear and cleaned table.
  • Do not sit down if the table has not been cleared – even just to secure your place.
  • Signs on the table indicate if it is available.
  • The tables are clearly set within 2 meter parameters. Do not move the tables.
  • Maximum party size is 6
  • Do not sit or stand on the grass area between or around the tables.
  • Please respect the social distancing etiquette.

How to order:

  • View the menu on-line (theceilidhplace.com), on Facebook or use the menus displayed. Hardcopy menus are available on request.
  • Take note of your table number & go to the bar to place your order.
  • Only two customers inside at one time.
  • Please use hand sanitiser as soon as you enter the building. The automatic dispenser is situated to the right of the main door
  • Wait at the clearly marked area until the customer in front of you has completed their transaction.
  • Place your order at the till and pay – contactless preferred.
  • Please do not lean on counters or touch surfaces.
  • Follow the one-way system to exit the building.
  • Your order will be brought to your table.


  • Our all-access toilet is located through the reception area.
  • Please wait at the marked area if toilet is not immediately available.
  • Hand sanitiser is located on the table just outside the toilet. Please use this before you enter the toilet and touch the handle. Anti-bacterial wipes are available to use inside the cubicle to wipe surfaces if you wish.
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly!

We reserve the right to ask anyone not practicing safe social distancing to leave our premises immediately. Refusal to leave may result in termination of services for all customers.

Thank you for your consideration and co-operation.