Our Coronavirus Policy

In the light of the current outbreak of Co-vid 19, while acknowledging the advice of the Government telling people to avoid un-necessary social contact, The Ceilidh Place will remain open until mandated to shut.

This situation obviously places immense strain on all sectors of the economy, not least the hospitality and leisure sector. Coming just as hotels are gearing up for the return of business after the fallow winter months, the timing of this crisis could hardly be worse.

Below we outline the extra steps we are taking to ensure that our hygiene programme is beyond reproach and we are doing everything we can to prevent further spread of this virus:

• Removing all table furniture (sugar bowls, salts and peppers etc) and replacing them with disposable, single use items delivered on request
• Increasing the distance between tables
• Increasing the frequency of regular cleaning of hard surfaces including table-tops, door handles etc
• Suspending the use of ‘re-usable’ cups
• Putting all crockery through heavy duty disinfectant after every use
• Accepting only contactless payments to reduce cash handling