Gig Booking Information



If you are looking for a booking at The Ceilidh Place firstly be aware that we are always receiving far more requests for a gig than we can take.

Please don’t ask us to book you during the winter months, early spring or late autumn – we can’t get a big enough audience at that time to do your gig justice.

If you do get a booking with us you must be able to give us good quality posters, some info and a jpg photo to help us promote the gig.


Want to continue? Then you should email Joan Michael at and you MUST include the following information.

  1. Fee you are looking for. Remember, please, that we are not a funded venue and our capacity is around 75-80. We do, in addition to a fee, provide accommodation in the clubhouse, a pre-gig supper and a coffeeshop breakfast. So you should take that into account too.
  2. Your tech spec. We do have our own PA but you may have additional requirements that we might have to hire in. Please note that The Ceilidh Place has an excellent, experienced sound engineer in house, Gary Craig.
  3. Your accommodation needs. Note that we only provide accommodation for the musicians and not for any partners. What we need to know are…
    a) how many of you?
    b) any couples?
    c) how many males and females?